<font color="#FF8040">Project & Resource Planning</font>

Advanced project planning of resources on tasks

A new approach to Gantt chart software, flexibily scheduling resources to tasks with point-n-click simplicity. It’s web based, extremely intuitive and quick to get started, making planning fast, easy and effective.

Quckly search for availble resoruces with specific skills, and schedule them to activities when required. Eliminate impractical manual date entry and %utilization allocations, which are impractical and increase overhead administration.

Unlike complex Project Management software, or manually intensive spreadsheets, Plancentric is resource focused, proiving a practical solution to maximizing your teams’ utilisation.

“It’s changed the fabric of our business” – LWS

  • Quick resource search on skills, locations and availability
  • Resources include People, contractors, disciplines and assets
  • Resource utilzation acrosss all activities
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Demand and Capacity planning
  • Zero deployment – Cloud based
  • Secure and always available
  • Available Anytime, Anywhere