Intuitive software designed for businesses that constantly juggle people, contractors and disciplines across activities. Simplify resource planning through easy drag and drop allocations beyond spreadsheets, and easier than complex Project Management software.

Quickly view individual plans, capture information, and track progress. Effortless data capture, and instantly visualize results graphically. Traditional project management software has always been cumbersome for users, with administration overheads that create reservations to usage and lead to inaccuracies. Plancentric encourages greater user interaction, providing the autonomy to get things done.
Instant access to detailed operational information without spending hours compiling it. Visualize complex data to keep on top of budgets, costs and progress with personalized visualization of complex data through graphs, charts and reports. With the ability to make more informed decisions, and reduce administration overheads, managers can spend more time managing the important thing, rather than compiling data from multiple systems.
Instant access to top line results at the click of a button. improvement, and an increase to the bottom line. addition, Plancentric automatically The result is performance improvement, and an increase to the bottom line.


Quickly Search for People

Intuitive search experience to find the best resources for tasks. Simple tick box selection provides a familiar way to select and search, with instant results as you type. Skills, qualifications and locations are configurable around your business, enabling you to list available resources, and allocate them to get the job done. Compare the costs of resources for a reliable way of getting the best value out of budgets.

Instant Resource Scheduling

Drag-and-drop resource allocations on tasks provide a new simplified approach to traditional Gantt Charts. Allocate staff over hours, days, weeks and months, anytime you want them, not only on a utilization or daily basis. Automatic cost and time calculations provide instant comparisons of costs to budgets so that managers can keep an eye on progress and profitability.


Vizualize Plans

Why spend hours compiling or waiting for reports when it takes just seconds to view the information that you need. Sexy charts and graphs allow you to view the right information, when you need it. Completely configurable, and you can zoom in and zoom out for different levels of detail. Not only is it fast, you will see information in a whole new light.