About us

Project Management and Resource Planning software for the Real World

A leading edge software company that creates Rich Internet business Applications that work across multiple platforms including the PC, Mac and mobile.

We are headquarted in the UK, and have 9 years of experience in developing solutions between our UK and offshore teams. since 1997, our Project Management and Project Planning software has been used by diverse public and private sector clients.

Designing software demands a blend of industry knowledge, process experience, technical prowess and creativity. We continually innovate new features, processes, methods and ways of doing things so that we continually evolve, and help our clients to improve.

Software for the Real World combines elegant design, innovative user experience, and can be used seemlessly across different platforms. So that clients maximize the return of their investment, Plancentric is engaging for users at every level, with graphical interactive views of their contribution to objectives, making everyone more accountable.


We innovative solutions to complex problems using software. Central to our ethos is providing software that’s easy-to-use, delivers exceptional capability and uses the latest proven technology that empowers clients to become more efficient and profitable.

We strip away the endless bells and whistles that muddle, confuse and never get used, replacing these with intuitive new ways of working and interacting.


Good software is only as good as the support and service that back’s it up. Our commitment to customer care is second to none, and we believe in a communicative, hands-on approach to dealing with issues quickly and efficiently.


Different businesses have different needs, and we provide flexible options regardless of your size, budget or type of business.

• Training
• Consulting
• Deployment and set up


Web technology is constantly changing, and we continually review and apply the latest proven design, capability and processes into Plancentric to It’s the only way to survive in today’s exceedingly competitive technological world.

Plancentric is designed and built on the Rich Internet Application technology of Silverlight. This enables us to provide you with an exceptional user experience, across multiple platforms, on any browser, and in a superior way to standard web technologies.

Our aggressive roadmap means that your software continues to reflect the latest technology, capability and integration to continue benefiting your business.

Continual Improvement

We will never understand your business as well as you do. Which is why we take client feedback and recommendations very seriously, encouraging clients to provide us with feedback and suggestions to make Plancentric work better for you.